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We think of Ascend4Life as one big, growing
family. And we'd like you to be part of our
familywhether as a customer or Affiliate.
We care about things you care about: living
life to the fullest and giving the best of
ourselves to help others.

Ascend4Life is a place where you can feel fully supported.
This is a community of people who love to enjoy the best of
health and share that blessing with as many others as

Enjoy exploring our website, so you can find your best way to
join us on our journey.

Growing Family

Share Our Mission

Ascend4Life's mission is to
change lives around the world
by sharing health, opportunity,
education, community, and


Ascend4Life: Our Mission

Our mission is to change lives around the world by sharing health, opportunity, education, community, and inspiration.

We are committed to enhancing the physical and emotional health of every customer with exceptional wellness products
that exceed expectations in the benefits they deliver.

Every product we create is made from the purest possible ingredients, with the cleanest possible manufacturing process,
and is subjected to rigorous quality control and third-party-texting.

Our business opportunity is rooted in the enthusiasm of our customers for the value we provide. We are committed to
helping each distributor to realize hid or her dreams, by fairly and consistently rewarding commitment and hard work.

We will grow a worldwide family of distributors and customers that encourages close, supportive and respectful
relationships at every level of the organization.

Share Our Vision

Our vision is for a company
that enhances the global
community by touching
millions of lives, directly or
indirectly, with our products,
knowledge and opportunity.


Ascend4Life: Our Vision

Our vision is for a company that enhances the global community by touching millions of lives, directly, with our
products, knowledge and opportunity.

We see people enjoying greater health, more freedom, a higher sense of purpose, and the joy of spending time with loved ones.

We are building a better future by supporting, training and inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurial leaders, who in turn will impact thousands of lives.

Our priorities are spirituality, family, health, and financial independence. We value integrity, respect, gratitude, compassion, hard work, and service to others.

Meet Our Founders

John Marques and Kevin Gantos are friends for life with different histories,
but a shared sense of purpose. Today they both are committed to helping you
benefit from their rich experience in business leadership, community building,
and service to others.

John Marques

John Marques

Chief Executive Officer

John Marques is a self-made entrepreneur who immigrated to the United States in
1973 from north Portugal to build a better life. He started in the transportation
business in 1978 and then expanded his activities into many areas. John's interest
in helping others grow their own business started in 1992. He has always tried to
instill the spirit of entrepreneurship in everyone he meets. He has inspired his
family with the same spirit, as his two eldest have been business owners since the
age of 17. John continue to live by his core philosophy: "When you help enough
people grow their dreams and get what they want, your own personal worth will
grow as well."

Kevin Gantos

Kevin Gantos

President and Chief Operating Officer

Kevin is a creative entrepreneur with a natural gift for leadership. He has built
several successful companies, and in the direct selling industry he has grown
international organizations counting tens of thousands. Because of his expertise,
Kevin has been sought after by many other business owners seeking his guidance
to take their companies to the next level. Despite his success, Kevin remains
down-to-earth and approachable. His true passion in life is to help people from all
walks of life. As he puts it: "Why else are we here?" His priorities are spirituality,
family, health, and finance - as he always says, "in that order!"

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