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You know your worth. Now it's time to earn the income
that matches your capacities, as an Ascend4Life
Independent Affiliate.

Ascend4Life is the home-based business that puts NO limits on your personal and financial growth.
Take a look at the exciting financial rewards.

Set the goal

You Set the Goal.
We'll Show the Way.

Not everyone has the same goals, and Ascend4Life is the
business that's tailored to match your needs. Take your
pick from these outcomes:

  • Earn a few hundred dollars extra every month
  • Create a new full-time income
  • Shoot for the stars and become a top-earning leader!

Whatever your goal, Ascend4Life has the plan for you.

Generous Compensation at Every Level

There are three stages of you growth as an Ascend4Life Affiliate. Here's a quick overview.

Remember, this is just a selection of highlights from the Compensation Plan to give you an idea of what's in store for you.

To see for details and qualifications requirements , be sure to look at Ascend 4 Life.


Marketing Phase

To begin with, you earn great commissions for your
personal sales of Ascend4Life products. You also get
recurring rewards for creating Subscriber Customers
people who commit to repeat purchases every month.

Earn 100% of the difference between the Membership
Price and the Retail Price for every product you directly
sell through your personal Ascend4Life website.

As the total volume of your sales grows, so does your

See the complete Compensation Plan for details and
qualification requirements.

Marketing Phase
Leadership Phase

Leadership Phase

This is the phase where you experience the powerful
leverage of the Ascend4Life business plan. Now you start
earning bonuses from sales made by Affiliates you've

You can earn Customer Acquisition Bonuses (CAB's) when
the affiliates within your team produce sales: 10% of the
available Commission Value (CV) on each product, on
each level, through seven levels.

There's extra money to be earned when one of your new
Affiliates purchase a Fast Start Pack of products up to
$189 every time, as many times as you like!

See the complete Compensation Plan for details and
qualification requirements.

Executive Phase

If you're ambitious to reach the highest levels in the
Ascend4Life home-based business, there are huge
rewards to be earned for your skills in sales and leadership.
Once you reach the level of Ambassador you're entitled to
a whole new tier of income.

Achieving Gold Ambassador for example, you earn 3% of
the Commission Value (CV) that's on top of the bonuses
you're already receiving. When you help someone else
reach Gold Ambassador Level, you'll receive 3% of CV on
that person's Personal Group Sales, too.

These Generational Bonuses extend through the entire
Group beyond seven levels! And your bonuses increase
as you rise in rank, as high as 5% CV when you reach the
level of Presidential Diamond.

There's more to come: you can earn participation in a
company-wide bonus pool, based on your rank and
achievements. Ascend4Life always ensures that your
commitment and skills are fully rewarded!

See the complete Compensation Plan for details and
qualification requirements.

Executive Phase
Lift Others

Lift Yourself by
Lifting Others

The beauty of the Ascend4Life business plan is that your
success comes from helping others succeed. In reality
you get double rewards: generous financial compensation
plus an "income of satisfaction" as you see lives changed
by your activity.

If you'd like to learn more about the Ascend4Life
Compensation Plan, be sure to ask an Ascend4Life
Affiliate. Your Affiliate, or someone he or she knows, will
be glad to explain all the details.

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