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The Ascend4Life business is a complete ready-made system to
empower your success. It includes all the tools and training you
need to grow a phenomenal business.

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Simple Start

As a new ascend4Life Affiliate, you shouldn't
have to master every tool and technique to
start earning money. Our Simple Start gives
you a few basic steps you can't take the
moment you begin.

From then on, you'll earn as you learn, and
learn as you earn!

Simple Start

Your Marketing Toolset

We're committed to giving you proven marketing tools that
drive success. Here's what they include:

Online Store

Your Own Ascend4Life
Online Store

You'll meet many people who are
excited about Ascend4Life's
life-changing Natural Wellness
System. You can invite them to your
own online store where every
purchase is tracked to you for


Opportunity Site

Your Own Ascend4Life
Opportunity Site

Some people you knowincluding
some of your customersare hungry
to start a home-based business.
Show them your own Ascend4Life
opportunity website, and invite them
to join your team.



Mobile App

Your Own Ascend4Life
Mobile App

These days, most digital life is
happening on the phone. Of course,
your Ascend4Life websites are 100%
mobile friendly. Better still, there's a
dedicated Ascend4Life Mobile App.
Use it to organize your daily business
activities, and to reach out to people
who might be excited about
Ascend4Life's products and



Video Presentation

Powerful Video Presentations

When you're starting up your
business, we don't expect you to
instantly master the Ascend4Life
story. So we've created some 
exciting videos that you can share
with others. There are videos about
the products, about the opportunity,
and about the company.


Social Media Content Vaul

The Social Media Content Vault

Of course, you'll be using social
media to share your Ascend4Life
adventure with others. We'll give you
high class content you'll be proud to
share content that's engaging and
informative, not pushy or salesy. And
we'll keep supplying fresh videos,
images and text for you to engage
your friends and followers.



Online Office

An Online Office Just For You

See Your Sales, Connect with Customers,
Track Your Organization, and More

Your Ascend4Life Business Center gives you total control of your
business. This easy to use online office helps you keep track of
everything and manage your communications.

With Ascend4Life, there's NO bookkeeping to do! That's all handled
for you. And we keep automatic records of all your sales. Same with
your team of Affiliates: you get to see your whole organization,
automatically presented for you.

With Ascend4Life, we let you concentrate on what you do best:
sharing your excitement and inviting others to look at our fabulous
products and business opportunity.

We'll Show
You How

Easy-to-Follow Training
to Get You Launched.

As you grow your Ascend4Life business, you'll naturally learn
more and more how to create success. We want to speed up
that process, so we'll give you detailed, practical training for
every step of your journey.

Our leaders are supremely successful people who've build
massive, multi-million dollar organizations. But they still
remember how it was to get started!

At each step as you progress, the training you get will be clear,
simple and brief. And it's all delivered to you on your phone,
tablet and laptop.

We'll Show You
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